Friday, September 5, 2008

September 5, 2008

“I am going home, I’ve done my time and I got to know what is and isn’t mine” –Tony Orlando

We are so excited to be returning home today. I couldn’t resist showing off a little of my 70’s song knowledge. When you live in a small town in Wisconsin, all you have to do is drive around in your Gremlin and listen to AM pop radio. However, the line from the song does a good job explaining the emotion and thoughts of people

We are extremely grateful for all your prayers, support and encouragement.

A huge shout out to the churches and ministries that went above and beyond the call of duty in hosting and caring for us. They are:
· Mountain Brook Community Church
· Shades Valley Community Church
· Cross Bridge Church
· Double Oak Community Church
· Coventry Community Church
· MedMission
· Mission Birmingham
· Birmingham Baptist Association

We are anticipating a our worship time together Sunday as we begin to bring our entire Castle Rock body together. Our eyes are still on our calling to create “A Neighborhood Where Kids Can Ride Their Bikes” We are still totally committed to sharing God’s Love and Salvation with our city. Our resolve is strong. We will be strong and courageous… “for the Lord your God will be with you [us] wherever we go!”

Prayer Requests:
Praise God:
· For all he has done for us.
· For all the churches and ministries in Birmingham and across the nation who have prayed for and helped us.
· That we are going home!

Pray for:
· A safe return home
· Open stores and gas stations
· The energy and perservence for the next few weeks of getting our homes, families and the ministry back to “normal”
· All the work need to get the UILA (school) up and running
· The adjustment of children as they go back to their schools.
· For God’s provision in paying for the evacuation
· For God’s provision for families who have lost wages during the evacuation


sara said...

Thanks for keeping us updated...I have been praying for you, my New Orleans family, and am praising God for your safe return! Please keep us updated on anything we can do! God is so good!

Love you guys, Sara Kate :)

Lorry said...

Good to hear that you guys are getting home and that all the houses are safe. Tell Wendy and the kids hi...when I told Ella about the hurricane and that you guys had to leave your house she just kept asking if JJ could come and play. We lovel you!!!!!

TSN Ministries said...

Thanks for the update Pastor John. We have been praying for you. Michael was happy to know you were ok!

Tamara should be coming down this week...I hope you guys can touch base.

Stay safe and contiue to love others the way you have been. You have our contiued prayers and support.

Jerry and Tamara (TSN)