Thursday, September 4, 2008

September 4, 2008

Sorry it has taken so long to get posted. We have been busy preparing for returning to New Orleans. A few folks had to head home today because of jobs. All of us will be leaving tomorrow after breakfast.

Evacuation News
· We continue to thank God for His great provision. To think that of the 6 churches we only knew one last Friday, we thank God for how well we have been treated.
· Many of the people who evacuated with the government are struggling getting home. This is a concern for future evacuations.
· All of our properties are in great shape and all have electricity.

Now What
· Castle Rock Community Church will meet Sunday. We anticipate a day full of praise to God with many folks returning.
· The CRCC/UIM office will be closed on Monday so staff can get their homes and lives back together. Wendy and I will have to totally restock our refrigerator and freezer.
· We are looking forward to having to having ground breaking sometime this fall.
· Urban Impact Leadership Academy will open next week
· We are still in need of teams, especially next year with the new building. Please check our website for information.

Prayer Requests:
Praise God:
· For the great attitude and cooperation of all who evacuated
· For God’s provision
· For our properties protection and for the homes of people
Prayer for:
· The safe return of evacuees
· Stores and gas stations to open up
· Energy to put our homes and the ministry buildings back together

Thanks again for your prayers and concerns.

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