Friday, September 12, 2008

September 12, 2008

Thanks again to all who supported us through out the Hurricane Gustav. The weekend found us weary from the evacuation and then watching Hurricane Ike. The house behind ours collapsed during Gustav. We are experiencing strong windows and rain today. Many schools are closed. We are very thankful that Ike went west, yet we are praying for and are concerned for folks in Texas.

One of the things that Gustav brought to the surface was that many people still are dealing with Katrina. The wounds from that catastrophe are still healing. Please be in prayer. Just a reminder, on my block alone there are still 6 homes (two torn down) that are not inhabited. The house behind ours collapsed. We live in a city that is not back and won’t be back for years.

That is why we feel so blessed to have a ministry that is growing and bringing about change. Our school began its second year, our youth ministry is growing, we have more staff from the neighborhood than anytime in our history, and the church continues to grow. Thanks for your prayers. Thanks for your support.

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TSN Ministries said...

Stay in the fight Pastor John. We pledge our prayers and support.

You and the staff inspire us to serve as well. Keep loving on people and trust God to carry out His plan through you!

You are not alone!

Jerry, Tamara and family